Registration terms and conditions

WARNING! The forum contains information intended for users over the age of 18. If you are under 18, LEAVE THE FORUM!

  1. Registration and user profile settings.

1.1. Account:

– it is forbidden to use someone else’s account to post and/or vote on the forum.

1.2. Nickname:

– should not contain links to other sites, obscene words and expressions, as well as combinations that are visually similar to the nicknames of other forum users.

1.3. Avatar:

– it is forbidden to use advertising links and hidden advertising, calls to violence, violations of the law and other incorrect information;

– it is possible that the avatar you have chosen is already being used by another user who was registered before you – in this case, you will receive a message and you will be obliged to change it to another one.

1.4. Signature:

– must not contain direct or hidden advertising and links to any sites;

– owners of paid topics are allowed to have one link to their topic;

– the height of the signature should not exceed the size of 4 lines of text without formatting;

– “loud” fonts in the signature and links to the paid topic are not allowed, the font is slightly larger than the default font.

1.5. Comments in the profile:

– the use of comments in profiles for advertising purposes is prohibited.

  1. Create a topic.

2.1. It is forbidden to create topics (themes):

– which are of an advertising nature, except those paid for or agreed with the forum administration, in particular those related to advertising, recruitment; on issues of cooperation, contact the forum administration;

– aimed at attracting forum users to similar resources or sites close to the forum topic;

– with a topic that is already discussed on the forum;

– devoted to discussion of moderators or administrators of the site and their actions, with the exception of topics created for this purpose by the administration itself;

– which do not correspond to the topic of the section;

– identical ones placed simultaneously in several sections of the forum;

– addressed to specific users of the forum;

– the general content of which is reduced to appeals to respond using additional means of communication. If you ask a question on the forum, get an answer right here.

2.2. The use of words and expressions such as “help”, “rescue”, “have a question”, “my topic”, etc. in the title of the topic is prohibited. The administration reserves the right to delete topics and messages at its own discretion without prior warning.

  1. Writing messages.

3.1. It is forbidden to use in messages:

– advertising of commercial services without approval from the forum administration, information on recruitment, etc.;

– expressions of a racist nature, incitement of ethnic and religious enmity, blackmail, open provocation of other participants, zoophilia, pedophilia, offering to pay for intimate services;

– knowingly false information, not supported by evidence, slander, as well as information that may damage the reputation of a natural or legal entity;

– flame – crossing the boundaries of politeness when discussing something: rude, obscene expressions and insults in any form;

– flood – nonsensical or incompatible information that does not carry a meaningful load (example: messages like “Class!”, “Interesting!” etc.);

– Caps Lock;

– information that does not relate to the topic; in the case of offtop, it is necessary to indicate at the beginning of the message: “offtop”;

– repeated appeals to specific participants (or small groups of participants) of the forum on personal issues that are of interest only to these participants.

3.2. In addition, it is prohibited:

– discussion of topics closed or deleted by the administration, as well as regarding the moderators and the administrator themselves;

– editing your own message after it has been edited by a moderator or administrator;

– reply to messages that are no longer relevant (before replying, check the date of the previous post);

– write messages, the general meaning of which is reduced to the following: “Write me in private, inbox, mail, and I will help you” or “Look at the signature”, “Look at my profile”. You have to respond to users directly on the forum. If you want the user to contact you, you can write to him privately. For non-compliance with this rule, you can get a ban from 3 days to a week at the discretion of the moderator;

– discussion of laws and political topics, especially information whose dissemination is punishable. Otherwise, extreme measures (ban) will be taken, and posts with such content will be deleted;

– publish the sums of your earnings in open sections of the forum (for this, use personal messages or closed sections).

The forum administration reserves the right to refuse you advertising and account registration without giving reasons.

The following measures will be taken against you for violating the clauses of these rules:

– for violation of clauses 1.1 and 1.2 – change of nickname by force or deletion, temporary ban of the user;

– for violation of clause 1.3 – removal of avatar, warning;

– violation of clause 1.4 – removal of signature, warning;

– for violation of points 2.1 and 2.2 – removal of the topic, warning;

– for violation of clauses 3.1 and 3.2 – deletion of the message, moderation of the message, warning, in some cases – ban.

Ignorance of the actual rules of the forum not only does not absolve you of responsibility for breaking them, but is itself a violation!

Dictionary of terms

Topic – topic for discussion.

Section – this is a place where topics of the same orientation are united.

Subj (from the English subject) – the subject of the topic.

Nick – a unique name that the user chooses for himself on the forum.

Avatar – the user’s image that appears in the post on the left under the nickname.

Signature – the user’s signature, which is displayed in each of his messages.

Post is a message.

Ban, prohibition – permanent or temporary complete restriction of access to the forum.

Administration – a group of administrators and moderators; see the list of representatives here.

Administrator – forum manager, can edit user information, delete and ban users. Please contact the administrator only in case of questions that cannot be solved by the moderator!

Moderator – a user who can move and delete topics, edit topic topics, delete and edit posts that violate the rules.