Work as a web model in Kyiv


Even if a modest $1,000 seems like an unattainable monthly income, you will be surprised to learn that webcam work in Kyiv allows you to reach an income of $3,000. At the same time, shifts in the studio last for 5-8 hours with breaks and two full days off.


No need to leave the comfort zone, possess special skills and make super efforts to get them. Our trainers will teach you the intricacies of flirting and posing in the frame for free, as well as conduct training in the psychology of communication.


Webcam work in Kyiv is an opportunity to meet interesting people, become more self-confident, develop competencies in the fields of choreography, acting and photo posing. In addition, we will help you learn English with a tutor.


Our webcam studio in Kyiv allows you to independently plan the work week, broadcast hours and duration of broadcasts, including working from home and at night. Without problems, combine such activities with personal life and study.


Practice, comprehend the art of interaction between the internal state and the body, learn to control it, in an instant creating the desired emotion, movement, mood and pose in the frame. Expand your portfolio with top shots at our expense.


How much a web model earns in Kyiv and any other city in Ukraine depends more on sociability, inviting environment and technical equipment than appearance. With our advanced platform, you will become the best in this business.

Why should you work in a web studio in Kyiv?

Working as a web model in Kyiv is a new experience for you

We recommend trying to restrain yourself if:

  • You are looking for ways to reveal your creative potential and increase your income.
  • You don’t want to feel the pressure of an abusive boss.
  • Tired of routine tasks and everyday longing in four walls.
  • You can’t get a job earning $100 or more a day.
  • You are pleasant, like to communicate and know how to interest the interlocutor.
  • You do not think with stereotypical judgments and are devoid of complexes.

You work in a web business on your own, but without success

Become part of the “White-agency” team of professionals, if this is about you:

  • You cannot reach a stable level of monthly income.
  • There are no regular customers willing to pay for personal sessions.
  • You do not have the financial means to afford powerful equipment to reach the audience on several thematic resources.
  • You face blockings on webcam sites and other problems due to not understanding the intricacies of their service policy.

How will working as a web model in Kyiv with White-agency help overcome these obstacles?

As a leader in the webcam industry, we create a premium product for foreign markets. Only professionals in their field work in the staff. Our employees are protected from various troubles, have access to round-the-clock support and all the necessary supplies. The technology allows you to launch broadcasts simultaneously on 10+ platforms in Full HD quality.

Advantages of working as a webcam model in Kyiv

If you briefly describe the advantages of working with a webcam in Kyiv through our agency, it is a guarantee of a safe partnership, freedom of self-expression without stereotypes and templates, as well as personal growth with 100 percent respect for your interests.

What do you get when you work as a webcam model at the White Agency studio?
  • Daily payment of fees in foreign currency.
  • Comfortable workplace.
  • Free training and mentorship.
  • Steady increase in profit.
  • Round-the-clock service support.
  • Possibility of choosing the audience.
  • A free schedule that can be planned at your own discretion.
  • An atmosphere of care in a friendly team and with pleasant bonuses.

Why not work as a webcam model from home?

First, streamers will not generate revenue if they do not invest in the stability, quality and scale of streaming. The purchase of studio lighting, cameras, a computer and other multimedia equipment necessary to ensure a smooth workflow will cost at least $5,000. Secondly, you also need a place where you can retire confidentially. All these problems are solved by our webcam studio in Kyiv.

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