Work as a webcam model in Lviv

For a purposeful girl, working as a web model in Lviv means earning from $3,000 per month, daily fees, career and personal growth. We do not require applicants to have a degree, resume, past experience, or meet any beauty standards. It is enough to be of age and ready to get rid of stereotypical thinking, limited by the framework of outdated social dogmas.

Cooperation with us has obvious advantages:

  • free education;
  • guarantees of anonymity;
  • safe cooperation;
  • introduction to the profession;
  • comfortable conditions;
  • growing income;
  • reaching the audience on top foreign streaming platforms;
  • salary calculation in dollar equivalent;
  • round-the-clock support.

Leave a job application and find out what a decent life is like without material worries.

What do you get for working as a web model at the White Agency studio?

Each of our web models in Lviv is surrounded by an atmosphere of care and mutual trust. There are no bosses in the team, there are only sensitive leaders who listen to everyone’s opinion, forming a friendly team, not a group of colleagues. Professional technicians, directors, photographers, personal trainers in public speaking and posing, make-up artists and costume designers are waiting for you here.

Among other benefits, we offer:

  1. Full technical support. It has powerful computers, Full HD cameras, cinematic lighting, and a dedicated gigabit Internet channel.
  2. Possibility of daily payments. In the first weeks, the salary is calculated every day, then – in agreement with the administrator. There is a system of bonuses and corporate incentive programs.
  3. Personal office. Fully equipped streaming rooms are confidential, only you have access to the workspace when you go online.
  4. Flexible schedule. Plan air time, weekends and holidays yourself. Easily combine work as a webcam model with studies and personal life without burnout and feeling stressed from doing something you don’t like.

How much can a webcam model earn in Lviv?

Girls working as webcam models in Lviv, having enlisted the support of White Agency, earn from $390 per week. This is with minimal employment and at the stage of revealing the potential with a mentor. When a portfolio is created and communication with the audience is systematized, the monthly income increases to an average of $3,000.

Requirements for web models of Lviv

There are no discriminatory restrictions and formal requirements. Appearance and other physical parameters are not important. The work of webcams in Lviv does not oblige to meet any conditions, except for one age. If you are under 18, don’t even try to enter the industry!

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