Work as a webcam model in Odesa

White Agency is an elite webcam studio that creates a top product for the foreign market. For us, the appearance and experience of the girl is not important, since each of you is charming in her own way and is not without a seductive peppercorn. The main thing is to be relaxed, sociable and not to think in stereotypes, and we will take care of the rest. Working as a web model in Odessa will provide you with a creative profession, the opportunity to become financially free and set up a stable cash flow in foreign currency, i.e. maintaining material wealth regardless of the hryvnia exchange rate.

Thanks to a talented team of stylists, consultants, mentors, directors and lighting technicians, our streamers occupy the top lines of ratings on webcam sites, where we lead and earn money together

With us, working with webcams in Odessa gives a number of undeniable advantages:

  • secure cooperation under the contract;
  • guarantee of confidentiality of personal data;
  • availability of a personal manager and round-the-clock support;
  • the possibility of daily payments of the fee;
  • a systematically growing level of income from the start – from $ 390 per week;
  • free training and psychology of communication in practice.

With your diligence, our resources and technical capabilities, a positive result will not keep you waiting!

Advantages of working as a webcam model at the White Agency studio?

We have been holding the position of the flagship in the field of video chats for several years, creating a comfortable working environment for webcam models from Odessa. If you are sociable, able to attract and hold attention with a conversation, and most importantly, you have reached the age of majority, we are waiting for an interview, in return offering:

  1. Friendly staff with a personal trainer. You will have your own sensitive administrator, to whom you can contact with any question, as well as makeup artists and costume designers.
  2. Career growth. Take free courses in photo posing, choreography, oratory and acting skills, improve your conversational English and learn how to use it in any situation.
  3. Advanced Hi-Tech environment. The studio is equipped with the latest technology, including multimedia equipment, Full HD cameras, studio lighting and powerful computer equipment. In addition, our offices are connected to high-speed Internet with a dedicated gigabit channel.
  4. Always open vacancies. If you are interested in the work of a web model in Odessa with full support, including at home, we consider all applications without exception. There are no restrictions on appearance or equipment.

How much can a webcam model earn in Odesa?

Depends on the chosen format and diligence. You yourself decide on what schedule to go on the air, planning the duration of the broadcasts, breaks, weekends and even the time of day when to be in touch. On average, webcam work in Odesa brings our models a monthly income of $ 3,000, not counting bonuses.

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