Work as a webcam model in Kharkov

The White Agency studio is your opportunity to join the community of successful girls, whose wealth does not depend on external factors, the hryvnia exchange rate and third parties. Such a social status is provided by the work of webcams in Kharkiv without requirements for past experience, the presence of special skills and knowledge. We guarantee a safe and confidential introduction to the industry, creating a comfortable environment for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Occupying the position of the market leader in paid video chats, our team promotes streamer accounts to the TOP ratings on webcam sites, surrounding employees with an atmosphere of care and providing everything necessary. Develop with professionals in your field, including cosmetologists, costume designers, artistic directors, lighting technicians, personal coaches and translators.

Working with us as a web model in Kharkiv is devoid of disadvantages, differing only in advantages:

  • adaptive schedule – plan the duration of broadcasts, breaks, weekends and even the time of day to start the broadcasts;
  • daily payments – listening to the recommendations of a personal mentor and consultants, web models earn from $ 100 per shift;
  • advanced Hi-Tech studios — you will have at your disposal your own office, high-tech multimedia equipment, cinematic lighting, a powerful computer and a dedicated gigabit Internet channel;
  • free training – regular trainings are held in acting, posing, public speaking and photo shoots for your portfolio, not to mention the opportunity to learn spoken English and the psychology of communication in practice;
  • current vacancies for a webmodel in Kharkov – we are always open to considering new candidates, including looking for agents for long-term cooperation.

Our webcam studio is a pleasant team, personal growth and no income ceiling.

Requirements for webcam models in Kharkov

In Kharkiv, working as a web model does not oblige you to meet any beauty standards, and the only requirement for applicants is to be of legal age. Otherwise, if you are liberated and ready for experiments, physical form, parameters, appearance, past experience and other characteristics are not important.

Working as a webcam model in Kharkov is a world of vivid impressions, independence, freedom of expression and transformation. Be yourself and we’ll teach you the rest.

How much can a webcam model earn in Kharkov?

In Kharkiv, working as a web model brings a monthly income of $ 3,000 with a 5-day work schedule in shifts of 6 hours with breaks. This is subject to knowledge of English at level B2 and above. In case of insufficient vocabulary or its absence, do not worry, with our capabilities and your diligence, we will quickly catch up, and until that moment the work will be carried out in conjunction with a translator.

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