Communication in chats is often accompanied by colloquial abbreviations, specific vocabulary, abbreviations, slang. Even well-spoken models face misunderstandings when communicating with members. To solve this problem, we present you a glossary of terms that will be useful to you in your work.

If you do not have a high level of knowledge of a foreign language, this is not a sentence. Webcam models most often encounter the same phrases, offers and requests from their clients. Having memorized them, you will already be able to freely navigate in the process of work. In the future, your language level will inevitably grow, but for now you do not yet have the necessary vocabulary – use the webcam dictionary on your phone and study it in your free time.
During work, it is convenient to keep the dictionary open so that you always have the opportunity to quickly respond in a dialogue with the client. Open all the windows you need on the screen of your work computer so that they do not overlap one another: work chats, your video broadcast, a translator.

Use a translator with the “active translation” function, where for the text that you select with the mouse, a translation immediately appears, this will conveniently save you time and speed up your reaction in a conversation, eliminate unnecessary pauses, and keep the rhythm of the dialogue.

One such service is QTranslate
Convenient, simple service. To enable the active translator, just open the hidden icons and left-click on the translator’s logo. All is ready!

For those who want to do it themselves – this is hotkey (hot keys). They can be customized. We also open hidden icons, right-click, and then settings. By double-clicking the left mouse button, you can open a window with a command and change it to any convenient combination.
qtranslate hotkey

If you use Google online translators, it is important to keep in mind that words can have many different meanings, and can also be slang expressions. When working as a webcam model, it is important to understand that online translators often do not contain specific vocabulary that is relevant for this profession.

You can reduce the response time, and most importantly, it is very important to work out the “hot” keys on your keyboard, which replace basic actions such as: copy and paste.

These are the basic Ctrl+X (cut), Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V (paste) in Windows.
For Mac OC, the Ctrl key is replaced by Cmd ⌘, but the combinations are preserved.

How to start understanding spoken language

In this case, consistency and consistency are important. Make a training plan for each day, albeit for 5 minutes, but be sure to do it daily. Pay attention to everyday expressions with a bias towards professional specifics, study vlogs and streams of webcam models, where you can get not only vocabulary, but also professional experience.

Our personal top telegram channels:

Your confidence in the language will allow you to be fluent in intonation and voice – and this is one of the main tools for mastering dialogue, seducing, liberating both yourself and your interlocutor.

Series for teaching English
British series Extr@
15 episodes with subtitles. The most common phrases. After watching it, you will at least begin to better understand the English language (British).

Mobile applications for learning English:
1. EWA (paid app but provides very high quality training)
2. LinguaLeo (training in the format of the game)
3. Duolingo
4. Easy Ten (daily new 10 English words)
5. Simpler

The main thing for a beginner webcam model is not to experience a complex about your knowledge of the language. Adequate members will not require you to speak the language at the level of a native speaker, in some cases your lack of knowledge of the language can become your charming trait, a feature. The main thing is to be natural, do not pretend, do not pretend to be something that you are not. Many clients may perceive communication with you as a game where they will teach you some common expressions. In free chat (with a large number of participants), models often organize a game with the audience, which consists in the fact that various expressions (decent and not very good) are written in the comments, and the model reads them aloud and tries to understand the translation. Most of the members immediately jump into the game, while the model actively learns slang expressions in the meantime. Your accent in this case is also not a subject for complexes, but your feature, it amuses and touches adequate visitors, and does not cause rejection.

Online services – dictionaries with phrases and slang expressions
Slang, words and their meanings Urban dictionary
Fully English and unfortunately it will require 1 more translator

A service that will help you understand the context of slang and translate some phrases
The latter has mobile applications for IOS and Android, plus a PC program.

Webcam dictionary
member – a visitor to your chat
horny – excited
bunny – member
hard – excited (about a man / member)
PVT – private – private, one-on-one communication
PM – private message – private message
C2C – cam to cam – when both cameras are on
bb, BB – baby – the legendary “baby”
hru – how are you – how are you?
naughty – naughty, playful
tease – tease
flash – quickly, literally for a couple of seconds, show something
goal – goal, the amount that needs to be collected to start the show
tip – tip
tip – in a different meaning (singular) – end, tip
tip menu – menu, a list of what you do, with prices
freeloader – a freeloader, one who demands to do something for free
Hiya! – hi
Where have you been hiding? – Where have you been?
seduce – seduce
excite – excite, excite
beg – beg, beg
moan – moan
bend over – bend over, lean forward (with your back to the camera)
spread – move apart
naked, get naked – undressed (naked), undress
show the rest of your body – show hidden parts of the body (those that are still in clothes or behind the scenes)
more skin/flesh – more nudity (skin – skin, flesh – flesh)
keep on/move on/go on – continue
lick – lick
suck – suck
gag – gag, choke (if in the context of a blowjob)
choke – choke, choke
spank – spank
sniff – sniff
face slap – slap
hand job, jerk off – masturbation
rub – rub, rub
finger – literally finger, in the context of webcam – finger penetration
stroke – stroke, caress with your hand
bj – blowjob – blowjob
deepthroat – “deep throat”, deep blowjob
drip – dripping, dripping (for example, saliva)
swallow – swallow
spit – spit
squeeze – squeeze, squeeze
squirt – cum (for a woman) with a stream of fluid
cum – cum
cream pie – imitation of “cum inside”
smoking hot – incredibly / piping hot
intriguing – intriguing
kinky – perverted, strange
mind blowing – breathtaking
playful – playful, playful
sexy – sexy
sensual – sensual
shy – modest, shy
stunning – stunning, stunning, magnificent, stunning
sweet, sweety – cute, sweet
tasty – tasty, tasty
yummy – tasty, appetizing
handsome – courageous, handsome
join me! — Join!
That should be for your eyes only – Only you should see it
I feel shy when the crowd is looking at me – I feel shy when the crowd is looking at me
hope to hear from you soon – I hope that you will soon let you know about yourself (write)
take care – take care of yourself, a manifestation of care
catch you later – see you soon
I gotta roll / I gotta run – I have to go, I ran
age play – games with age
daddy – daddy
sugar daddy – “daddy”, sponsor
milf (mom I’d like to fuck) – mature sexy woman 30+
tickle – to tickle
camel toe – pull the underpants so tight that it looks like a camel’s toe in the crotch
voyeur – to spy on others when they are naked or having sex for sexual pleasure
femdom – female domination – female domination over a man
findom – financial domination – financial domination
limits – limits
dom, dominantrix, mistress – mistress
slave – slave
sub – submissive – lower, slave
humiliation – humiliation
bondage – a sexual practice that involves tying one partner and restricting their movements
POV – Point of View – first person view (camera = member’s eyes)
fantasy rape – rape roleplay (banned on most sites)
SPH – small penis humiliation – humiliation of a small penis
JOI – Jerking Off Instruction – instruction on how to jerk off, how to please yourself
CEI – Cum Eating Instruction – instructions (for a man) on how to eat your sperm after an orgasm
CBT – Cock & Balls Torture – torture, causing physical discomfort to the penis and balls, should be both painful and pleasant
orgasm denial, orgasm control – partner’s orgasm control (possible / impossible)
cuckold – cuckold husband/boyfriend who enjoys it, loves to watch his woman being satisfied instead of him (and better than him)
foot fetish – foot fetish, excitement from the type of partner’s legs
worship – serve, worship
insta (instant) – instant, immediate (often use insta cum in the menu type)
anal sex – anal sex
anal / butt plug – butt plug
ball stretching – stretch eggs, can be attributed to CBT
cages (locked inside), chastity cage – a member in a “cage”, a chastity belt (there are varieties with a key, there are options with a combination lock)
golden shower – “golden shower” (banned on most sites, because in fact it is a pee)
sissy – guy / man, mannered / feminine, who loves “girly” outfits / makeup, not always gay; wimp (this value is rarely used in webcam)
slutty clothing – slutty outfit
pain – pain
phone sex – phone sex
vomit – vomiting, puke
nylon – all nylon
stockings – stockings
pantyhoses, tights – pantyhose
lingerie (underwear) — underwear
bra – bra
lace – lace
strap – strap, strap
fishnet – mesh clothing
pvc outfit, vinyl – vinyl, latex suit
corset – corsage
leather clothing – leather clothing
harness – harness, harness, harness
rubber / latex clothing – latex things
high heel – high-heeled shoes (although any heel is enough for many)
belly-button, navel – navel
nipples – nipples
toes – toes
finger – finger (on the hand)
cock, dick, stick – and other variants of all sorts of “sticks” – member
balls – eggs
pussy, cunt (rough), muff (hairy) – vagina
ass, bum, butt, bottom, booty – ass
asshole – a hole in it, or just an insult
сollar – collar
whip – whip
flogger – whip with many “tails” (used mainly in BDSM)
nipple clamps – nipple clamps
clothes pins – clothespins
сuffs – handcuffs
belt – belt
dildo – dildo
strap-on – strapon
lush, lovense, ohmibod, kiiro – vibratoy – an interactive toy that reacts to tips (these are the names of the most common of them)
Hitachi – a vibrator like a Magic Wand massager (a long stick with a vibrating “head” / tip)
nipple rings (piercing) – nipple rings
ice cubes – ice cubes
B4 – before – before
BRB – Be right back – I’ll be back soon
BTW – By the way – by the way
THX – Thanks – thanks
BBC – big black cock – big black cock
hru – how are you – how are you
4ever – forever – forever
c ya – see you – see you
ofc – of course – of course
yw – you are welcome – please (response to gratitude)
TY – thank you – thank you
e.g. – exempli gratia – for example
i.e. – id est – that is
vs. – versus – against (example: horse vs. goat)
2day – today – today
4u – for you – for you
gr8 – great – excellent / excellent
u2 – you too – you too
ASAP – As soon as possible – as soon as possible
LOL – Laughing out loud – laugh (out loud)
OMG – Oh my god! Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh! – Oh my God!
ILU / ILY – I love you – I love you
BF and GF – Boyfriend and Girlfriend – a guy, in the sense of a partner, and a girl in the same sense
JK – Just kidding – joke
SUP – What’s up? – how’s it going?
WTF – What the fuck? – what H…?
AtM – Ass to Mouth – from anus to mouth
AtP – Ass to Pussy – from the anus to the vagina
DP – Double Penetration – double penetration.
dunno, IDK – I don’t know – I don’t know